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Services - Alterations and Tailoring in Melbourne
TA - Clothing Alterations & Tailoring offers exceptional workmanship and one-on-one, individualised services in a cozy, comfortable environment. With a flair for craftsmanship and an eye for detail, owner Danny and Jane bring a creative flair and a love of fashion to the table.

TA - Clothing Alterations & Tailoring provides the following services:

Tailoring & Alterations

  • Shorten hem in ½ hour
  • Shorten jeans with original hem
  • Shorten with split, cuff, vent and flap
  • Lengthen with false hem
  • Take in, let out waist
  • Replace zip
  • Taper leg from knee
  • Add tape to bottoms

  • Shorten hem
  • Shorten sleeves with split buttons
  • Take in, let out seams
  • Pass up neck
  • Shorten hem with lining
  • Taper in
  • Take in or let out
  • Shorten straps
  • Replace zip
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Shorten hem
  • Take in side
  • Take in sleeves
  • Turn collar
  • Shorten with lining
  • Lengthen with false hem
  • Take in, let out waist
  • Replace zip
  • Taper in
  • Shorten from waist
wedding dress
wedding dress


We provide custom dressmaking, including formalwear accessories, to coordinate with the bridal party's attire. In addition, we make wedding veils and headpieces to coordinate with one of our designs or with a wedding gown you have purchased elsewhere.

  • Fix hem
  • Replace pocket
  • Place new elastic
  • Repair on jacket vent
  • Repair on skirt split
  • Sew buttons – make button holes
  • Replace broken jean studs
  • Sew numbers or labels on garments
  • Sew labels and names on all types of garments for school uniforms, hospitals, jackets, tracksuits etc.

Professional Tailoring

Provide us with a sample or pattern and we can make anything for you with a high quality outcome.  We can sew garments as required or sew a wide range of other useful things such as cushion cover, table cloths, curtains etc ...
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