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Get the perfect fit

Need some alterations or tailoring services or require more information before making a choice? Contact us today and we'll help you get started.



Look Your Best

TA Alterations & Tailoring provides a wide range of alterations services. Services include shortening hems, replacing zips, taking in sides, lengthening hems, letting out waists and tapering legs amongst an extensive list of others.

Our long history and expertise in alterations services means we will most likely be able to complete complex and unique alterations on almost any garment in question. Please get in touch to get started.



Custom Clothes

TA Alterations & Tailoring can make customised garments from samples, existing garments or detailed pictures. We can tailor the outfit style to your individual requirements to ensure the final product is unique to your specific needs

Private Fittings


Professional advice

Personalised advice at every step. TA Alterations & Tailoring offers individualised and professional advice to ensure your clothing suits your body type or preferred style. Simply call us or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

Whether it’s altering the garment you’ve purchased online or creating an outfit from scratch, TA Alterations & Tailoring can help you obtain the perfect fit.

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